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Overall, can be produced with a low to moderate budget, dependent on the names attached.


The production locations are accessible and remote, surrounded by the Wayne National Forest.


The locations are personally owned by the screenwriter and secured for production.


There is limited funding in place, working for additional investments. 


The main house has all the amenities and comforts and is not inhabited.


The cast is limited to 4 main characters, about 15 in total.

Production tight timeline: 1 week Summer, 1 week Fall, 2 weeks Winter.


There are active fracking locations in the area, and contacts to gain footage.


The effects are built on actual natural events, so very limited use of special effects.


There is use of 4 wheelers and canoes in the script, which are already on property.


We own additional property further down the road that can be used for housing and staging.


Also have property on the Ohio River and Florida.

Tone & Comps


Skull Rock is a unique take on the successful framework of “A Monster in the House”, highlighting a rural demographic that brings a fresh view to audiences. Including the history of the location with the science of nature, it becomes a haunting look at how we are connected. 


The full script includes a parallel, origin timeline between the pioneer that homesteads on the Land and the Native American man who has been left to protect it, culminating with the standoff at Skull Rock.


Filming and style will be rooted in a realistic and authentic character interactions.


Think of a nature documentary uncovering a dark side, combined with a psychological thriller. 


Think of documentaries such as: Human the world within; Intelligent Trees & Fantastic Fungi. 

The look of films such as Mud, Last of the Mohicans, & The Revenant.

The tension of thrillers such as Mystic River, The Lighthouse & What Lies Beneath 

WRITER: Laura Rauh   |  EMAIL:
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